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  • simplest-way-to-bet-on-the-market3

    Simplest way to Bet on the Markets

    Bet whether the price will be Higher or Lower to Win!
    All our Currencies are Real-Time prices.

  • icn_95

    Highest Payouts

    95% payout.
    Win Double, Three times or Five times your stake.

  • speed3

    Fastest Bets

    Win in 45 Seconds.
    Enjoy HiLo, Touch, Range and Tunnel Bets.

  • skills

    Apply Your Skills

    Study the Charts to Gain an Edge.
    Find the Trends. Follow the Momentum.

  • Winning Streaks

    Enjoy Winning Streaks

    Win 3 or more in a row to Collect Big Cash.
    Win 8 in a row to Win the Progressive Jackpot.

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    You can Trust HotShot Trader

    HotShot Trader is owned by the Gamesys Group.
    Gamesys has entertained 2 million customers over 12 years.
    Learn more about why you can Trust Us in About Us.